Monday, 12 November 2012

Bronze at the Royal Academy

Currently at the Royal Academy in London there is a beautiful exhibition entitled BRONZE. The exhibit presents bronze works from around the world. It is grouped by subjects, figures, Bronze casting, Animals, Groups, Objects, Reliefs, Gods, heads. You can see some exceptional pieces such as the Dancing Satyr, a Greek sculpture of the second half of the Fourth Century BCE. This piece we had seen in Sicily at Mazara Del Vallo or St-John the Baptist preaching to a Levite and a Pharisee by Giovan Francesco Rustici from Florence, The Chariot of the Sun a 2400 year old piece from Denmark. or a Buddha Shakyamuni in AbhayaMudra from Bihar India. The exhibits presents also a series of lectures, events and walks. You may want to consult the website

The quality or property of bronze is that in can lead you to believe that a statue will speak, giving it a life like quality, this is accentuated if the statue has alabaster eyes. Marble on the other hand has a cold remote quality, bronze has warmth.

If in London it is well worth dropping by the Royal Academy in front of the Ritz Hotel, the exhibit is on until 9 December 2012.

the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts with the statue of its then President Sir Joshua Reynolds.

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