Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Art Is In or Artisan

In Ottawa I discovered a wonderful bakery at City Centre the most unlikely place for a bakery, West of Preston street this area is an industrial area that never was. Amongst the bays and docks there is a selection of shops in an industrial setting as if they landed there from outer space, a total accident. Though in many ways it is charming, Art Is In is a play on words for Artisan meaning an old fashion bakery. The owner Pastry Chef is Kevin, no there are no Art as in Arthur in the place, he is frequently asked about this.

The variety of breads, pastries, sandwiches a large freshly made selection, etc... is amazing and all done with all natural ingredients, old recipes and fresh daily, by 4pm what is not sold is offered at 50% off. Otherwise what remains unsold at closing time is given away to the poor. The next day it starts all over again, all fresh daily, like in the old days.

I love going there, such wonderful quality, so European.

250 City Centre ave, Ottawa



  1. Finding a good bakery is like finding a great treasure!

    1. I agree this place is special old fashion bakery.

  2. Such good bread!!! I want to go back again soon.