Thursday, 1 November 2012

Euripides in English

Went to the Seat of the European Union in England, Europe House on Smith Sq near the Palace of Westminster to see a special cultural event, it was the presentation of the play Paris Alexandros by Euripides. Written some 2500 years ago, when theatre was being invented by the Greeks. It is part of a trilogy of plays written at a time when Athens was expanding its empire into greater Greece meaning Sicily and Southern Italy. The most famous of the trilogy is the play The Trojan Women, the two others were lost, Paris Alexandros is only partially complete. Nonetheless it is a fascinating story that of Paris who meets 3 Goddesses and makes a bad choice angering the powerful Athena Goddess protector of Troy and giving himself to lust by going with Artemis the Goddess of Sparta. There he will meet the most beautiful women of Sparta, Helen, kidnap her and seal the fate of his city Troy.
Paris is a bad boy and has many faults and Cassandra his sister will try in vain to warn their parents King Priam and Queen Hekabe of the dangers of Paris, of the fulfilment of the prophecy to no avail, calling for his death to avoid the Trojan wars.

The group Dionysia (AOD) composed of famous names of the British Theatre present such plays to school groups in order to foster a love of theatre, in this case ancient theatre.
This is a great group, you can visit their web site at:

Lady Lucy French, whose grandfather Field Marshall Sir John French created the version of the British Poppy we wear at this time of the year in England and in Canada in Remembrance of all our War Dead (1914-1918), also provided important support as did the Hellenic Foundation and the Embassy of Greece.

Such evenings in London are especially nice, got to meet and speak with actress Fenella Fielding and actor Nigel Anthony, Joseph Wickes, Tamsin Shasha. Also met author David Stuttard who was instrumental in putting this recreated play together.

Europe House, seat of the European Union Office in London on Smith Sq. near Parliament.

From Smith Square you can see the towers of Westminster Abbey

The Church of St-John on Smith Square in London, today used as a concert hall.

Homes on Smith Square dating from 1726. Expensive real estate given the prestige of the proximity to Westminster Palace and Abbey.

The Victoria Tower of Westminster Palace.

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  1. That must have been a wonderful event to attend. I didn't know before that Cassandra was the sister of Paris. I've always felt bad for her.