Tuesday, 25 August 2009


These last days of August are quiet ones in Rome, living outside of the immediate centre, just outside the Aurelian walls of the Eternal City, no tourists in sight, though there are things to see here too, but not so well known. Quiet residential neighborhoods were people live and work like in any other city, lots of dusty parked cars left by their owners while they are away. Everyone is gone or almost, some have started to return, come next Monday, all will be back to the routine, Romans call it the new Season, in French it is Le debut de la saison, meaning a new social year.
Will go back to a more formal wardrobe for the fall, light grey suits, tie and jacket, the heat wave is passing. No more short sleeve shirts or open collar shirts, no more casual looks. Here the last photos of this summer in a quiet Rome.
Photos taken in the afternoon around the area of Via Regina Margherita, Via Nomentana and Via Alessandria


  1. Eerie and wonderful! Looks like an abandoned city. I've been to Rome only once, when I was five, and even then the energy and bustle was memorable! It must be even more so now.

  2. I can't believe those streets are so deserted looking. Sure wasn't like that in June/July.


  3. Elizabeth, I like the word memorable, you are so polite.