Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ciao Pesaro, Ciao

Tonight we went to Bristolino restaurant owned by Lorenzo di Grazioli a wonderful seafood restaurant. The food in its preparation and presentation is outstanding, of the highest quality and Lorenzo is a wonderful host, greets everyone and fusses over them. The tables are beautiful set up and the decor is homey and seaside like and also elegant. There is no menu and no wine list, though they have 167 wine labels in their cellar. Lorenzo comes to greet you at the table and will ask you what you feel like eating, do you have a big appetite, do you want something special, do you want to try one of recipes. The guy is charming, so he proposed that we start with 4 antipastos of fish, all simple and just to taste then we could proceed to our main course. So we agreed to let him arrange this for us, his staff by the way are superb professionals, the lady sommelier simply asked you what type of white wine would you like, from the Marche region or something from the rest of Italy or something else. I simply asked for a wine from the Marche region since we are in Pesaro. She goes away and return with a wonderful white wine.

We started first with a dish of sword fish in ceviche, it was a big dish, and we were wondering if this is what he meant, then a second dish of seafood salad, then a third dish of scallop, then a fourth dish of large shrimps in panceta.
This was quite a lot of food to start, all excellent, beautifully presented with a change of ustensils for each dish. Then we had our main course, a turbot is presented first and then it is brought to the table on individual plates, served with black olives, tomatoes, potatoes, anis and radicchio.

We also had a beautifully baked foccacia freshly baked.

Then Lorenzo returns to tell us about is surprise dessert. Can he bring it to us. We had no idea what it was but we did see other tables being served what looked like a mountain of something. It was a very large dish, enough to feed 6 people of ice cream different flavours all mixed in with an incredible variety of fresh fruits and whipped cream. He also sent 2 after dinner bottles of digestif, one was limoncello and the other an amaro and coffee a variety of cakes.

When the bill came I was sure it was going to be like in Rome and was expecting an astronomical amount given the food we had eaten and the variety of fish and seafood, wine etc... something around 500 Euros.
I was so surprised to see that it was a fraction of what we were expecting, we were only charged for the wine and for 2 covers which basically was a prix fixe, it was yet another pleasant surprise, extremely reasonable. We highly recommend this restaurant in Pesaro for the quality of the food and atmosphere.

It has been a nice week but now we want to return to Miss Cuddles aka Nora and Mr Nicky who are waiting for us at home in Rome. We have a dinner party on arrival to go too. Busy social schedule.


  1. You have added a lot of posts recently! Sounds like a great holiday.


  2. This is a nice picture of Will in the pool! Larry

  3. Indeed amazing when you can get him away from the computer.

  4. sounds like a delicious meal! and all the better when it doesn't break the piggy bank! if i'm ever at your house in italy, you better throw a dinner party for me dammit! :)

  5. Well you are welcome of course we will throw a dinner party for a Vancouverite so you can tell us all about the horrors of living in B.C.