Monday, 24 August 2009


Since we returned from our sea side vacation, Will has been busy cooking, first he made his signature dish, the Polenta and rocket crust tomato basil pie. Made with cherry tomatoes, it is very good and so nice as a starter for dinner. Tonight he made with more tomatoes, a garlic tomato soup, usually served hot but this time he wants to try it cold. I am sure it will be nice, it is far too hot to eat hot soup right now. But the cold soup I really want him to make is the Curried Zucchini soup with buttermilk, absolutely love that recipe. I don't think we can find buttermilk in Italy but I am going to ask at the office if anyone knows what it is called or then we can substitute if need be.

Now all the new colleagues have arrived, summer is almost over. The colleagues are all agog with the city, I tell them wait you'll see. Rome is a little busier this week, but still very quiet, next week school starts and everyone will be back on the same day, magically the roads will choked with traffic and noise, no parking anywhere available, not the good kind of magic. Anyway that is Rome, not the majestic Eternal city of Augustus but the crazy bag lady pushing her cart full of priceless memories.


  1. Back to school- tomorrow it hits the fans here...

    As to buttermilk, here's the substitute I sue for baking when I'm caught without, it's worth a try if there really is no such thing to be found there-

    * Milk (just under one cup)
    * 1 Tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice

    1. Place a Tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice in a liquid measuring cup.

    2. Add enough milk to bring the liquid up to the one-cup line.

    3. Let stand for five minute. Then, use as much as your recipe calls for.

  2. Thank you for the tips Cecilia.

  3. I love your description of Rome as the bag lady hauling around her cart full of memories! We're having the same breathless quiet here, before the school year starts = everyone away, squeezing out there last little bit of summer.

    Will sounds like a brilliant cook!

  4. Ha!..It may be the city of the bag lady hauling around her cart full of memories,(Outstanding metaphor,by the way),but it's still Rome!
    That Wills is an amazing cook..You should probably keep him.

  5. Elizabeth, I took some pictures today of the streets around the office and will post them, it is a bit eerie, I am used to the busy, noisy streets.

    Sling, yes Will is a good cook and I am going to keep him, have no choice after 31 yrs.

  6. The substitute for buttermilk above is also what I've heard. Worth a try.