Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Must see in Ottawa

This summer the National Gallery of Canada is featuring the largest Indigenous International Art Exhibit ever mounted entitled SAKAHÀN. It is a modern contemporary art exhibit. See

At the same time the NGC is doing some much needed renovations to the Great Hall, this video shows how an artist was able to transform the Great Hall into a  gigantic Iceberg. It is so big in can be clearly seen some 5 Km away.

To light a fire in the Algonquin National language. The Capital of Canada, Ottawa is built on the lands of the Algonquin people. Making of Ottawa the only capital in the world built on land belonging to another Nation.

The Iceberg is a creation of artist Inuk Silis Hoegh's Iluliaq, a native of Greenland.


  1. Hey, that video is "cool" on many levels! I know -- groan!

  2. I collect Inuit and Pacific Northwest art. I would go bezerk at this exhibit.

    1. Except that it is a modern contemporary art exhibit. The permanent collection of Inuit art is in gallery.

    2. details, I am sick of details. I have a credit card and a dog named Harper - what more do they need?