Saturday, 8 June 2013

Last rites

Well the news is NOT good. I was hopeful but the nice technical assistant at Apple told me that after looking inside my computer MacBook PRO, I am sorry to inform you that your thingy here is dead.
Photos reveals wine in the circuitry everywhere and also some kind of electrical short cause by the liquid. It was Red Wine Sir, asked the nice techie, it does not go with Apple. Now I know. It was not worth trying to have it repaired, cost alone would have been similar to buying a new one. Live and learn they say, even this old Muffin can learn something.

Hopefully the insurance can cover the cost of buying a new computer.

Macbook PRO, September 2012 to June 2013.

At first Nicky is surprised by the news.

Nora is skeptical, she did not see any squirrels tampering with the computer.

In Dachshund fashion they decide to sleep on it and maybe tomorrow we will know what to do.


  1. So sorry to hear about the wined computer. We've all done something like that. :(

    Thanks for sharing photos of the cuties.

  2. you kilt your computer? sad...the pups don't seem to tore up about it.

  3. One can not rely on dachsunds to know about computers, alas.

    1. Well Nicky and Nora are not impressed with your comment. You owe them a cookie each.

    2. I do not truck with dogs who look like they could use an extra set of legs halfway between the front and back support.

    3. them are fighting words, Nora comes from a long line of hunting dogs and Nicky is ferocious and dangerous if he does not like you.