Monday, 17 June 2013

Gratuitous memories of Rome

I subscribe to a web site on FB called Roma Sparita, you can see daily several photos of the Eternal City from very early photos 1870 to 1980, historical paintings and monuments.  All of it brings back lots of memories for me of our time in Italy. What I enjoy about this site is that I recognize the places they show even if it is a very old photo, because in Rome nothing ever changes that much.

It will be two years now that we left Rome and I have returned just 12 months ago for a visit of two weeks. I wish I could return soon but that is not really possible. We speak frequently with our friends in Rome and follow what is going on in Museum and at musical venues like the Opera, and the Symphony, The Italian Auto Club still sends me their bulletin, and so does the Canadian Club of Rome,

So here are some photos of the Città,

 Rome Centre, Piazza Venezia, view taken from the Altar of the Nation Monument
Rome general view at mid-day. Can you name of the church domes in the photo?

 Piazza Navona painting 1838, it has not changed at all
 Top of the Spanish Steps with the French Church Trinita Dei Monti, looking towards the Medici Palace and the Villa Borghese gardens. A spot I know well. Again it has not changed much.

But I also have been thinking of going back to Palermo and Sicily in general, such a beautiful and captivating place.
Catania a city under an active volcano, Mount Etna, spectacular to say the least.


  1. after countless history courses including Rome, someday I would like to see this city.

  2. Cities you absolutely have to see before you die: 1) Venice, 2) Rome, 3) Palermo (who knew? I didn't, until this year). Even Paris and Prague would come lower down the list for me.

    1. Well I have already seen 1,2,3 several times and lived in Rome, happy fellow am I.