Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Planning our Spring vacation

Well, it seems my cold is done and I will be able to return to work tomorrow. I have been thinking of buying a new car, not really an extravagance, I buy one every 10 yrs on average, car companies are not making money with me. I could never understand people who change cars every year or every 2 yrs. This time I am looking at either a VW Passat or a BMW series 3. I did look at the Series 7 but at $100,000 dllrs it is a little out of my league. But it is a very nice car, you know the sort you need a chauffeur.
I can go an pick it up at the factory directly when it is ready. Anyway will continue to think about it and see.

We have to plan our trip to Sicily this Spring, we are thinking of visiting Palermo, Cefalu, Monreale, Marsala and then in May to the Festival of Neapolitan Music in Salzburg, Austria. The festival see the website www.salzburgerfestspiele.at gives all the details. Maestro Riccardo Muti is the director, the theme of the Festival is Naples City of Memories. Last year on the return trip we stopped in Trieste on the Dalmatian coast, this year we are thinking of Padua. Our hotel is reserved in Salzburg, the same as last year.

I also made arrangements today for the puppies to go to the countryside during our trip to Sicily. They can return to the Farm and see their moms and dads and brothers and sisters in Capena, next door is their trainor Lisa so they can also train while in the Paese. As Will says, they will be the best trained puppies or we give them to the Gypsies, it does not impress them at all.

It is shaping up!

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