Sunday, 17 January 2010

January & February

These are the blah months of the year, how much I dislike them. The New Year always promises on its first day new beginnings
and then life goes on. Several colleagues of mine who I had known some 30 yrs have died over the holidays, many had been sick for a few years, others had retired some time ago. I was surprise to hear the news it all came unexpectedly in the form of an email at work sent to all. I was sad to hear this news because they were people I had known for years and worked with.
They were not old, late fifties and late sixties, memories now.
The weather is always awful at this time of the year, rainy, cold, humid, ideal for the flu, it is important that we be careful not to get run down and over tired, not to get sick.

I got the flu after Will, the apartment can be cold at night but then again let's remember we could be dealing with the weather in Canada with all the slush, snow, ice and wind and minus 30C.

It is not a bad flu, just a mild one but it is unpleasant nonetheless. I think the gray weather is also affecting me, funny how the Sun has an effect on our lives. We have one of these sun lamps in which you look into for 5 minutes a day, it has the effect of giving you a boost. I think it does. So I am taking a few days off to recuperate.

Also reading about Haiti, do not know what to think or say about this situation. Too complex for sound bites, tragic for the people involved in this crisis and who have no options but hope. What is frustrating is the way the media trivialize the situation with the hype reporting, in the let's sell this story approach. Maybe I know too much about this story, it's past and now...


  1. January and February are the worst. The excitement of the first clean crisp snow is over but the long cold grey months are still ahead of us. Snuggle with your pups, order Will to make you soup and hot tea, and feel better soon!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, that is what I am doing.

  3. We are creatures of sunlight,after all,so I find myself spending these miserably rain soaked days sequestered aginst the flu in the sanctity of my room,plotting ways to destroy the world..Did I mention that incessant rain tends to depress me?