Wednesday, 16 September 2009

the weather has turned

Fall is in the air, violent thunderstorms and rain, humidity from the sea shore and the chaos that is Rome.
Cleared a lot of files in the last few weeks and made a lot of progress on many old files that needed a final resolution so we could turn the page.
I heard yesterday quite by accident that a person who had given me quite a lot of troubles and grief in 1995 at work had been fired 3 yrs ago for malfeasance. I could hardly believe it. I had blown the whistle on what was going on but no one was listening or so I thought. It turns out that someone was listening and quietly went about looking into the matter. But like all things you have to catch them at it. That is what happened. I feel vindicated after all these years. It only goes to show, what goes around comes around. She probably never thought she would get caught.

This is not the first case I see of people who behave badly and are finally caught, it may take years but Fate finally intervenes, in a way that is my idea of justice. Not a big administration and a process but simply events unfolding to their conclusion.

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  1. oh what a lovely lovely thing ! hahaha

    btw .. I simply adore that clock u have placed on ur blog .. it is simply gorgeous ! gegegege