Friday, 4 September 2009

Dog training

Well school started today for Nicky and Nora those two lovable killer attack wirehair Dachshunds. We were despairing given their pedigree, Hungarian-Italian hunting dogs of ever being able to go out in public with them. So we hired a trainer to come to our house to give them some lessons on proper behaviour. This also involves us learning about dog psychology and what humans need to do to get respect from their hounds. Lesson one, it is all about status. Did you know that dog respect authority and hierarchy, you got to know your place in this world for things to go better.
Lesson two it is all about calm and patience and using a low voice, no shouting or throwing things at your dog or hitting the dog.
Teacher was adamant about that. She demonstrated and I have to say I was speechless, wild animated dog becomes in a flick of a second obedient and quiet dog, mesmerize by the trainer's voice.
3. Dogs can be bought off, using treats and command and a bit of psychology. We practiced with her in the proper language and command and body posture, really easy and amazing, it works. We were able to stop in minutes annoying behaviour. Nora loves to bark at noise in general, well by using clanging keys and a word of praise, no more barking. When we walk both of them they love to pick up just about anything on the streets and given the filth on the streets of Rome, it can be dangerous for the dog. Again the clanging keys, stops the behaviour. Next week we will go to other training lessons on walking and coming at voice command and walking without a leash, etc.... Maybe next few months they can go to hunting school and learn like their moms how to become European Hunting Champions in wild boar hunts. Think all the free meat for roasting we would get this way. They are so cute.

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