Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Patience is always rewarded!

Today Will surprised me, he went to my favorite toy store in Rome on Piazza Reppublica near the Massimo Museum and bought me a complete set of the Carabinieri Marching Band. I had been thinking about it for a while but these little guys at 54mm painted figurines are expensive. They are beautiful, each one has a different facial expression, consider that their faces are about 1mm total that is very small. Their uniforms are detailed and each detail is carefully done, even the brass instruments have a well used look. Will said that he bought them to thank me for being patient. He is so sweet. Lead soldiers are my idea of a perfect gift.


  1. Beautiful!!..I'm sure they are expensive.
    Add to that the value added as a gift of love,and they become truly priceless.

  2. They are lovely. Where are you going to put them?


  3. That is truly darling- to give a gift merely because you know the one you love will be pleased by it is the best gift of all, for both the one who gives and the one who recieves.

  4. What a sweetie. And he can cook. I think you should keep him!