Monday, 17 November 2014


Today was the first important snowfall after the dusting we received a few days ago. About 30 cm of heavy wet snow.

I am thinking I should try to by some hot chocolate mix it always comes handy on a cold day.
I also got a nice Xmas Cactus today, I will try to find the correct instructions to take care of it.
It was said on the radio morning news that this weekend people would be able to ski at Mont Cascade in the Gatineau Park. I know they got more snow than we did in the City.

So here in a few pictures today.

 The Canal side, the water is not yet frozen

Christmas Cactus 


  1. I have a capital recipe for hot cocoa; much better than any store bought rubbish.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I have a Christmas cactus that blooms in October. I haven't figured out how to get in to bloom in December.

  3. Gorgeous photos and Christmas cactus.