Friday, 10 October 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year Thanksgiving falls on Sunday 12 October, in French Canada it is called L'Action de Grâce, an old Feast Day which has European roots in the harvest festivals which are upon us now.

I love going out to the grocery store and shopping for a pumpkin or pumpkins. We are also looking at our menu for the Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday. I got pieces of turkey this year instead of a big bird.
I also have chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts, will do something along the lines of roasting them instead of the usual boiling. Heritage carrots, yellow and purple and red all mixed up together. The potatoes are Russian Blue, I do not know why they call them by that name since all potatoes come from Bolivia originally and the so called Russian Blue is a favourite of the Andean Natives in the highland of Bolivia. Will is going to make Pumpkin Spicy or Smokey soup and for dessert we will have a special dessert for the occasion made by Pastry Chef  Michael Holland at his store Holland's Cake and Shake by the Parkdale Market at 229 Armstrong street in Ottawa. See their web site

This is a great place for pastry done in the old famous traditional way but with a modern twist and lots of imagination. All of it is made fresh daily no day old or stale stuff there.

The weather is crisp and cool now and the trees have started to change into a wide array of vibrant colours.
 This year's pumpkins on our balcony.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. M-m-m-m . . . Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Laurent!

  2. I am keen to know if you have parades/football and (Please say no) an equivalent to "Black Friday" sales.

    1. No it is a long weekend and most stores and malls are closed, banks are closed and so are grocery stores etc... So people have a meal at home or in a restaurant. No football and no silliness. I know that families who belong to Hockey leagues for kids will have tournaments. But that is about it.