Friday, 24 October 2014

How to react to this event

When tragedy strikes as it did this week in Ottawa it is difficult to know how to react clearly to such horrendous situations. We live in an open society where people do what they want, say what they feel and pretty much go about their lives as they please. Canada is known for it's openness and for being accommodating and generous to a fault.

Though many young people have real trouble understanding notions of sacrifice and hardship because they are indulged and sheltered. Many schools went into a lockdown in Ottawa so did public buildings, hotels, Parliament where the attack took place, Embassies and numerous other public places, including shopping malls. Many complained about the inconvenience of such a measure and those who complained did not appear to be thinking as to why this was happening. Most only thought, it has nothing to do with me, so why should I be inconvenienced. Would it be useful to try to explain why security measures are required or how serious the matter at hand is in reality. We do live in a very narcissistic society, look at the reporter of SUN News who wanted a selfie with a US News personality at the scene of the crime, how inappropriate and thoughtless is that.

Maybe it is time to return to an era where everyone enjoys the same rights and freedoms as long as it does not step on the rights and freedoms of your neighbour or society at large. A world where respect is an important value. This would have to be taught in our schools with so many other topics which are not part of the curriculum at the moment.

As for the National War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa, like Parliament, maybe it is time to teach people how to behave and what is appropriate behaviour is such places I have seen far to many people behave in disrespectful ways because they were more concern with having fun that bothered to think where they were.

As for the measures now envisaged by the Government on how to contain extreme violent behaviour and those who would visit violence on us as a society, I do not know what is appropriate but at the same time cool heads must prevail and strike the right balance.

The late Cpl Nathan Cirillo is on the left of this photo.


  1. A very poignant photo. I felt so bad for his Mom today, seeing her crying as she walked behind his coffin prior to the drive down the Highway of Heroes.

  2. Larry, I concur. So many people lack social graces in today's world. I've gotten used the violence in the US but the event in your city made me truly sad. It such a shame.

  3. So very sorry to see this happen anywhere. So sorry.

  4. I would hope/trust Canadians will handle this better and more rational than bellicose Yanks.

  5. I think people here in general understand that this was the doings of a mentally deranged person who the previous day in a shopping mall had had a loud discussion with someone about war and soldiers. There was no link to any international terror group the gunman just imagined a situation and the devil was running after him. Canadians are sad and shocked, it was difficult to see the photos of his little 5 yr old son Marcus at the funeral. The main danger is Harper who is exploiting this situation for political gain and there is a new security bill in front of Parliament. It appears some people are willing to trade Civil liberties for security.