Tuesday, 1 July 2014

photos old and new Dominion Day

Here is an old photo of Dominion Day on Parliament Hill in 1964, I say this because the next year the flag on display would be completely different. We got a new Canadian flag in 1965. Photo is taken at the Sovereign's Gate. Also less people back then, there was no show on the Hill and it was a low key affair with a military parade and I think some fireworks, the Governor General back then was the H.E. the Right Honourable, General George Vanier, a hero of the Great War. Unlike today where the Hill show goes on all day and all the streets in the Centre of the Capital are closed all day, including 2 bridges across the river. With Fireworks tonight at 10pm. We do not have to go to Parliament Hill for the fireworks we can view them from the roof top of our building, much more pleasant.

This is today with H.E. the Governor General David Johnston inspecting his guard of Honour at 11am this morning.  I would not want to have to wear that black bear fur hat which weighs 5 kilos in 30C weather, pretty uncomfortable and those red wool tunic, not exactly summer wear.

The national museums are free today I worked at the Canadian War Museum, there was a lot of people. Had a good time and enjoyed meeting the visitors to the Transformations and Witness exhibits of the Canadian Memorial War Fund paintings.

Will also has the Royal Proclamation of Queen Victoria creating a united Canada see the link


  1. I watched some of the Parliament Hill coverage on Canada Day and was wondering about those busbies too. I hope they're made of synthetic fur these days and not real black bear fur. Otherwise, that's an awful lot of black bears in those hats!

    1. The Guards went to synthetic fur many decades ago, I believe it was around 1985 or even the late 1970's. The reason being was that cost and with all the cuts in government they could no longer afford the real thing. They do look nice and you can't tell they are synthetic.