Tuesday, 1 July 2014

By-Elections in 4 ridings, by changes coming in 2015

You know the expression, Don't let the door hit you on the way out, well this is probably what PM Harper is thinking about, an exit strategy. I see a nice shack in Tennessee in his future.

Despite his manoeuvring and choosing an election date 30 June being a long weekend and eve of our National Holiday, he lost, yep people in Canada are fed up with Harper and his ways. Negativity does not always pay off and Canadians do not like Tea Party tactics. But our dear leader does not get it, his minions are oblivious to what is happening around them. Probably the same bunch on the Titanic who were happy with the extra ice on the decks for drinks at the bar.

Even in Alberta who is usually staunchly Conservative and appear to always support fringe extremists parties things are changing. Canadians coming from all around the country to work in the Tarpatch, an expression I am borrowing from a blogger in Alberta, do not necessarily vote Reform-Conservative, nor do they like Harper.

Fort McMurray the city of oil is proof, the vote was tight something very different from 2011.
The percentage of votes for the Conservative Party dropped 24% in Fort McMurray and 10% in McLeod, this is a serious setback for them.

In McLeod (south-west of Calgary), home to the extreme right wing White Christian groups, one Albertan blogger explained that even if PM Harper ordered the RCAF to bomb the place, they would still vote Reform-Conservative because they see Harper as the White Messiah.

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau were the big winners last night. The two Toronto ridings came in Liberal and despite all the anti-Trudeau rhetoric by Harper and Co. presenting him in leaflets as a dope peddler to children. Voters showed they want change in a big way. The general election of 2015 is possibly closer now than ever. Will see if the rumours of Harper's sudden departure are confirmed.

You cannot ignore a Liberal surge of 21.62% and a drop of minus 9.80% for the reform-conservatives.


  1. Yeah, the PCs have a stranglehold on Alberta. Always have had, always will. Glad the Liberals did so well in Ontario but a little sad to see Trinity-Spadina desert the NDP.

    1. The aim to to get rid of Harper in 2015.

  2. I want to see Alberta; I keep hearing 'conservative" things about it. I wonder....

    1. In that case I will pass. Texas is beyond the pale in so many ways.