Thursday, 19 June 2014

Viva el Rey!

This morning Felipe Prince of Asturias and son of King Juan Carlos of Spain was proclaimed King of Spain in a ceremony at the Cortes (Parliament) of Spain in Madrid.

His father Juan Carlos had announced his wish to abdicate due to ill health and the many troubles of the last years including the financial scandal of his son-in-law and the testimony in Court of his daughter Princess Cristina who was absent today from this ceremony.

Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have two daughters Princess Leonor and Sofia.

Meanwhile in Canada, Justin Trudeau is forming his shadow cabinet in preparation for the next Federal general elections in 2015. Rumours are swirling that Harper could leave earlier possibly in the Fall of 2014 and a general election could be called as early as Spring 2015, for many Canadians it will not come soon enough.


  1. With no intention to befoul your fine blog with lecherousness, I have to say that a recent photograph I saw of Felipe Prince of Asturias [with beard] seems to indicate that he is almost as handsome as his father, whom a close friend of mine once had the pleasure to meet. Some people have all the good fortune.

  2. I must must MUST take a history course on Spain. What a fascinating story it must be. I want to find out where were the royals during franco.

    1. Not very far really, Franco declared in 1939 that Spain remained a Monarchy under his direction. So Franco took care of the education of the young Juan Carlos in the hope that he would follow in his foot step. That is not what happened luckily for Spain.

  3. Felipe is a very lucky King to have such a beautiful Queen :-)