Saturday, 28 June 2014

Third Anniversary

In June of 2011 we packed our house on 26 Via Dei Villini for our return to Ottawa. It seems like a long time ago but we returned to Rome since for visits. The first time was in March 2012 and again in November 2013, always a pleasure, Rome remains our home, we know the city well and comfortable everywhere.

What we loved was the Art and the panorama of the City, just turn your head and look, there you have it a splendid view. The arts are everywhere in monuments, in private collections, in Churches or public buildings, minutes away from you. Even from our living room window lush greenery and historical piazzas. Impossible to forget.

I am listening to Ottorino Respighi the Fountains of Rome and the Pines of Rome, he certainly captured well in music the sights of the Città. I can see it now.

 Bronzino's portrait of Princess Eleonora of Toledo and her son Giovanni, she was the wife of Cosmo I de Medici Grand Duke of Tuscany. (1545) Both will die within days of each other of malaria in 1562.

Pauline Bonaparte Princess Borghese (1780-1825) died of liver cancer, sister of Napoleon I.

 Pope Leo X (1475-1521) son of Lorenzo il Magnifico Medici, by Raphael

Portrait of a lady by Bernardino Luini. The elaborate head dress this lady is wearing is made of her own natural hair and took hours to comb and weave on a frame made for this type of hairstyle. Only the very wealthy could afford such fancy dress.