Friday, 14 March 2014

Justin Trudeau our next Prime Minister

Well the campaign is on in Canada, all parties have started to speak to the electorate and this despite the fact that the election is still not before the Fall of 2015 at the very latest. However it could happen sooner, as soon as October 2014.

Who knows, will PM Harper who is immensely unpopular hang on? All the polls are against him and there is nothing positive about his government and this despite all the spin and the millions of tax dollars he spends to prop himself up.

Canada needs a change and in a big way, governing with grand gestures to attract the ethnic vote is not the way to go. Having enemy list including Veterans, the elderly, the poor, the Public Service, ecologists, the Natives and anyone  who disagrees with Harper makes for a far too long a list.

Here are some recent pictures of Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Leader and son of Pierre Elliott T. one of our most famous Prime Minister, Justin is now a major contender or the only contender it seems for the top job.

 At the recent Liberal Convention in Montreal with a large video screen behind him of his wife Sophie Grégoire who was pregnant with Hadrien born just a few days later, and their 2 other children Ella-Grace and Xavier.

Justin also boxes and here he is in training 

With Hope and Hard Word we can make a change!


  1. Oh I think he is far too young and handsome to be a prime minister.

  2. I am willing to be prime minister or at least Duke of Ontario.