Friday, 7 March 2014

Blog almost demised

I was told some days ago that my blog might have been hacked or highjacked by some kind of device. I was unaware of anything wrong but I did ask people to try to access by blog from other devices and sure enough they were re-directed to a commercial site and then to some video on Youtube. It turned out that the clock device on my front page was the culprit, apparently of some Russian device. So I asked Mr. W to help me with this and he quickly discovered that it was that clock device, we deleted it and everything went back to normal.

I was considering shutting down my blog or erasing it, luckily that was not necessary, after all the work I put into it.

This weekend we go on Summer time and spring the clocks one hour. That is always a good thing.

From 1968 for those of you who remember.


  1. You shut your blog down and I will come to Ottawa and slap you silly.

    1. I know this is why I had to find a solution. I was so scared.

  2. So glad you weren't hacked. What a headache. I also appreciate the heads-up about that clock. I'll be sure to avoid that (and things like it without knowing their origin).

  3. What a bad idea, shutting down your blog! Glad you found the problem;-)