Friday, 31 January 2014

Tet or Lunar New Year

Today is the Lunar New Year and we move into the year of the horse.

Every year means something in terms of personal good wishes and what the year may bring.
Health, Happiness, Wealth, traditional greetings.

Families and friends will celebrate with whole fish dishes, dumplings, oranges, longevity noodle broth, most dishes signify wealth and happiness.

Lots of firecrackers, and gifts mostly those little red enveloppes stuffed with brand new crisp paper money. There will be prayers to the different Gods and to the Jade Emperor in Heaven.

While I lived in China it was always a fun time of the year, I really liked the festive atmosphere and the continuous fireworks illuminating the sky of Beijing. Going to the various Temples to visit with the Gods. Temple of the Earth and the Temple of Heaven and then there was another very famous and ancient one in the near my house, people went there to pray to the God of Wealth and the various other deities burning incense sticks.

In Vietnam it is called the TET New Year and is celebrated along the same lines. As in Cambodia and Laos and South Korea. A time of lavish decorations and festivities.