Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Message from EIIR

I meant to listen to the Christmas message of our Sovereign on Christmas day but being in Montreal sans computer that was not possible.

A friend who had listened to it said that the message was about reflection. Here is the message from Queen Elizabeth II of Canada.


  1. I have never heard one of these speeches; it was a treat to hear one finally.
    13 years of being a Yank hasn't wiped out my pride of my British roots; I am positively wasted here in the States!
    And I am all for reflections as you know!

  2. I love those messages because they are well crafted and you can relate to them. The little anecdote to lead into a message, brings it down to all of us. With the family photos and how they relate to us and to her. It is comforting on a cold day. I met her twice and she always impressed me in a way no elected official ever could.