Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Scène d'automne Canal Rideau

The waters have now reached their winter levels on the Rideau Canal and the different ducks and geese are feeding on the many little fish. Despite the cool weather and cloudy sky a walk along the canal in the Glebe from Pretoria Bridge is always nice.

The walls of the canal need much repair but it appears that only the most urgent is being done,
giving it a look of antique neglect.

The canal runs parallel to the Rideau River which is just half a kilometer away on the left side of this photo. At low water level the aspect of the canal is completely different.

All along the canal manicured lawns and trees, in the summer great floral display can also be seen.

one of the little inlets along the canal from the days of its initial construction, this one near Clemow avenue. You can see the black mark line where the water is usually during the summer.

Though we are in the centre of the city in a neighbourhood the flora has that rural aspect.

Lots of ducks and Canada geese at this time. The geese and ducks should fly south for the winter but many still linger in the shallow water.


  1. I have yet to see one photo of any part of Canada that isn't beautiful..sigh*

  2. It is beautiful. It has a very inviting charm to it. Even if it is looking of antique neglect. I like that wording.

  3. We have no lack of Canadians coming to town now it is mid-October. And there is a surge of Canadian gooses too. I dare say they migrate together.

  4. I would not be surprised they do. Ariz is very popular with Canadians outside of Florida which is the older destination in winter. Though Mexico and Costa Rica is also very popular. Personally I think I might like Ariz better simply because I am not crazy about life in Florida, just too slow a pace.