Monday, 15 October 2012

F. Liszt and a day at the Museum

Today being Monday, I spent the day at the National Gallery of Canada on Sussex Drive. The Museum  
is closed on Monday's like all museums around the world. Being one of the volunteers, I was there for meetings and for training. How very nice to walk around the closed museum going from gallery to gallery, we have so many beautiful painting collections in our Museum.

The Smiths by Canadian painter W. Blair Bruce 1894. This painting in the National Gallery is quite large. The men are making steel wheel rims, an art lost long ago. It is believed that this painting was a tribute to Hamilton, Ontario.
The National Gallery of Canada on a grey day.

I really enjoy my time at the museum, meeting with other volunteers and curators.

This evening I was listening to Radio Swiss Classic on Airport Express on the internet, a little device that allows me to listen to radio music from around the world. This piece by F. Liszt is called Les Cloches de Genève, les Années de Pélerinage. Played on the piano by Konstantin Scherbakov in Zurich in May 2011.


  1. Some of my most pleasureble memories are from volunteer jobs. I should do some more.

  2. I love the National Gallery and visit every time I'm in Ottawa. It's had some spectacular exhibitions over the years! And of course, I love Maman.