Friday, 21 September 2012

Photo Piazza della Repubblica in 1862 in Rome

Piazza della Repubblica
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How very different from today with the Sea monsters. The church facade is also changed with the original walls of the Baths of Diocletian showing. The Rome Termini Train station is to the right of the photo. Rome then in that area by the Aurelian walls was in a semi-urban semi-countryside state. In 1862 the city of Rome as we know it today was not built yet. This is the beginning of Italy as a unified country and the new Italian Government will re-built Rome to transform it into the Political image of the Risorgimento. Piazza della Repubblica today is a busy but beautiful corner of the city.

Today with the sculptures installed in 1892 when Via Nazionale was open as a brand new street starting at the Piazza Repubblica. Notice the naked ladies and sea monsters all having a good time. Different from the Egyptian lions they replaced.

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