Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A little song from the past

I remember this song from my childhood in Montreal and how it became associated with my parents. My father liked it a lot and would often sing along with Tony Bennett. I visited San Francisco with Will in 1983, staying at the San Francis Hotel. I always kept a beautiful souvenir of that city. I heard the song again the other night as we were driving to friends house and every time it brings back a host of happy memories. Composed in 1954, George Corey, music and Douglass Cross, lyrics, it was first performed by Tony Bennett in 1961 in the Venetian Room of the Fairmont Hotel on Knob Hill.
It has become his signature song. They don't write songs like that anymore.


  1. that was sweet; I have not heard it before until now.

  2. Ripe for nostalgia...thought I'm not sure anyone would leave their heart in that bit of downtown San Fran on the YouTube lead pic...