Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A good article on student unrest in Quebec

Margaret Wente wrote this piece today 1 May 2012 on the Student strikes over tuition in Quebec and I agree with her, she describes the problem which is one touching all of Quebec society in general, on how this part of Canada perceives itself in the greater scheme of things, however this perception is its downfall, too parochial, in-ward looking. I can say this because my family has been in Canada for 350 years and are from Quebec, old-stock so to speak. The notion of distinct is important but also has limits and cannot be applied to every cause based on historical events of the past.  

Quebec and the French speaking population has a very old history in North America, part of the original Canada since 1534, this old territoire outre-mer of France prior to 1763 Treaty of Paris ending the European Seven Year War  has a very european way of living each crisis and people riot over issues unlike North Americans who would prefer to go to Court and discuss things in committees. This is not well understood in the rest of Canada were English speaking Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds are good docile quiet consumers.    

Just click on the link for the article by Margaret Wente in Canada's National Newspaper, The Globe & Mail:

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