Saturday, 12 May 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine

Today was a sunny day after 3 days of cold rain, so I took a walk in the neighbourhood along the Rideau Canal. For this purpose I have chosen this music by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767).

Walking along the canal and its park like setting it is difficult to imagine that just one hundred years ago this area was semi-industrial with all manner of goods piled up on the banks of the canal waiting for barges and shipment to other towns. In the 1950's all that disappeared and the canal was transformed into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The neighbourhood was also developed around 1900 with large Edwardian homes, the proximity to Parliament meant that a wealthy class of people came to live here. The land had previously been owned by the family of Colonel John By, of the Royal Engineers builder of the Rideau Canal.

Many trees are in flower right now.

This flowering tree produces a multitude of crab apples.

the tomb of the unknown soldier and the National Cenotaph inaugurated in August 1939 a few weeks before the start of the Second World War by King George VI. The monument was meant to commemorate our soldiers who died in the First World War, nowadays it covers all conflicts involving Canadian Soldiers.

homes around Minto Park named after Gilbert John Kynynmound Lord Minto who was Governor General of Canada from 1898-1904.

Lord Minto, Governor General of Canada

These homes are quite large and often have 3 floors.
Many are very well preserved and are worth a small fortune to their owners.

of course Eleonora and Nicholas both enjoy the sunshine and walks on the Canal.


  1. Lovely photos. But it looks like Nicky and Nora prefer lazing around in a comfy armchair to walking anywhere.


  2. Yes of course they like to lounge they are hounds and they do lounging well.

  3. those dogs are living in heaven and they don't even know it..lovely pictures.