Sunday, 14 March 2010

News flash USA now a Canadian Province

Well is was bound to happen, after we won the war of 1812 and burned down the White House in a bid to help Dolly Madison redecorate the place, you nice Americans have been annexed to Canada. You all have instant access to Health Care all inclusive, you are sick no worry, just go to the hospital it is all taken care of. If you are gay you can marry, no problem, its in the Constitution (the new one better than that thing you got from those founding guys) and don't worry about those Evangelists, they are not allowed in Canada because they are not polite enough and not inclusive of everyone. You also have 2 official languages now French and English, remember French culture illuminates the universe, so the world will now think of you as sophisticated. As for the Hispanic in the USA no worry, Spanish is like French very similar.

In Foreign Policy you will be loved as Canadians by the world. So you see it was inevitable, we win the most Gold medals at the Olympics and you finally recognize that is all comes down to Hockey, Canada's game.
Aren't you glad you are Canadians now.


  1. WOO HOO!..Free Canadian bacon!

  2. and real maple syrup too from Quebec.

  3. Oh thankgawd. I'm applying for my passport TODAY.

  4. Cowbell, you know you probably would get it if you applied.