Thursday, 25 March 2010

Dinner menu

Here is the Birthday dinner menu prepared for us by my caterer:
Velouté aux Poireaux (Leek cream soup)
Entrée: Paté d'Artichaux et Emincé de "Coniglio porchettato" Oignons confits (paté of arthichokes and rabbit with glazed pearl onions)
Plat principal: Tagliata de Boeuf Duroc et Julienne de Legumes croquants (filet of beef in cognac sauce with julienne crunchy veg)
Salade Mixte Saisonnière (small green salad)
dessert Soufflé au Grand Marnier (Grand marnier individual soufflé)

We had proseco to start with hors d'oeuvres and for dinner a white frascati and red Italian merlot from the Lazio region, dessert wine and liqueur.

It was an excellent dinner, no stress and so pleasant with good friends. The caterer also had place settings made for each guest with a photo of me taken in the last 24 months in different places. It was a very elegant evening.
As for gifts I got lucky, 3 bottles of vintage Veuve Cliquot Champagne, a beautiful shirt and lead soldiers.

My caterer is a Canadian who came to Italy and started her company with her husband in Frascati which is just outside Rome

She is catering a dinner on an historical 1930 vintage Rome Street Car for the Canadian Club of Rome in late April, that should be a great evening crossing the city by street car while having dinner. See


  1. how do i get an invitation to a dinner like this in the future? :) And I thought it was your anniversary with your partner, not your bday!

  2. Many happy returns, Laurent! Posting this from Finland under the anon badge because it's easier.

    David N

  3. David thank you for the card and good wishes.

  4. Very elegant Laurent! deserve that. :)

  5. Sling, thank you! I was very happy with the food and the flowers.
    Your bar-b-q looked good too, I always love a good bar-b-q.