Saturday, 6 December 2014

Photo of the Christmas Season!

Here are some photos of the Season.

An annual one of course is all about EggNog, though I do find it too rich and restrict myself to Prosecco or Champagne. But one glass won't hurt.

This photo of the sleepy Polar Bear quickly listening to the little child read a Christmas Story is very sweet.  Yes Polar Bears are that big for those of you who might wonder.

Some lights from Parliament Hill in Ottawa during the Season, very nice indeed.

Imagine going to Christmas Mass in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, a rare inside photo of this very Bysantine Church, the mosaic decoration are borrowed from the Aga Sophia in Istanbul or what it would have looked like before the Ottoman conquest of the City.

Here is the Chritsmas tree by the Colosseum in the Roman Forum

Other pictures of the Christmas Season in Rome.

 Piazza Navona Christmas Market, always a good place to get typical Roman christmas decoration and sweets and Neapolitan Presepe 

All in blue at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma 

Christmas Shopping on Via dei Condotti near the Spanish Steps.
A delightful street for all those special elegant gifts and beautiful windows


  1. In Churchill, Manitoba people always leave their car doors unlocked in case someone needs to escape quickly from a polar bear into a secure setting. Aren't you glad you live in Ottawa now?