Saturday, 2 August 2014

Happy from Canada

The song Happy from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto. Very well done.


  1. Curious! My first reaction is 'aren't all Canadians happy?" given their eudemonia ratings ?
    Second reaction - the fellow in the video is wearing a USA shirt!!!!

  2. A faded USA shirt but I had not noticed this at all. What I had noticed was the multi-ethnic group very Canadian.

  3. The previous time you posted a ‘Happy’ video and I commented, I have the feeling that I came across as rather detached. Let me sound that way again;-) The choreography and set-ups in conjunction with the editing – of the first run-through here – is just astounding. That beside, the joy of ‘Happy’ (!) is a thing to behold. There are other tracks on Pharrell Williams’ ‘Girl’ album also worth a listen, and a spirited wiggle or two, but I won’t talk about that part;-)

  4. I like that one, well done.
    I'm in this one
    We had a ball making it.