Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Renovations and construction

A few months ago we renewed our lease on our apartment and asked the landlord if, given that this is a nice Condo building, would he consider replacing the old broadloom carpets in both bedrooms with hard wood flooring. He agreed readily and today I have this Polish team installing the hard wood flooring. It's like being in Old Warsaw again, the conversation is all in Polish. Nice guys 6 of them working to install the new floor in the master bedroom.

The work is going well and it already looks 100% better, making for a much nicer living environment. The old broadloom was probably 12 years old if not more, smelly and despite several cleaning it was simply worn through.

I had to empty the rooms and move all the furniture, this is where you appreciate having movers, but no such luck for me. Now for the puppies also known as the Hounds from Hell, this means no traction when they run at high speed after each other in the apartment. So now I can put down my Oriental rugs bought in Damascus and Tehran years ago. I bought them just with the idea that one day I would have two dogs running around the house and they would need carpets for traction. No wonder my Vet says that when he dies he wants to come back as my dog. As another friend said, these dogs are in Paradise and they don't even know it.

It is a noisy job with all those modern tools and it goes quickly though.

The empty room with the old grey broadloom rug.

The same room without the rug now removed and worker cleaning the concrete surface

sub-floor is floating 3/4 inch plywood and birch slats on top. 

Friday the painter is suppose to come to give me an estimate on re-painting the room, we are looking at a soft grey colour. 

 new birch floor almost done installing
Total job took 5 hours to do. 

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