Sunday, 4 August 2013

Summer and Fer'Agosto

We have now entered into high summer vacation season in Europe and here in North America.

It has become one of my favourite times of the year. The city becomes more quiet and the gardens are in full bloom. The fruits are coming in for harvest. It is a time of relaxation.

Walking around the block, here are some views of the gardens and flower beds. It is also a season of renovations, it looks like every second neighbour is having his roof redone or some other improvement to the property. We live in a condo building, but here too a lot of repair and maintenance work has gone on. We are getting two new hardwood floors installed which will be very nice and also upgraded  bathrooms. So it gives us a new look for our third year in Ottawa.

Crab Apple trees
 Flowerbeds along the Rideau Canal, Ottawa
Boats on the Rideau Canal at McLeod Street

One of my favourite films for this time of the year was made 3 years ago by Gianni Di Gregorio, titled Pranzo di Ferragosto, filmed on location in Rome in the Trastevere neighbourhood. He employed his mother and her friends for this touching film of a luncheon on 15 August Ferragosto. Back then Romans still went away for a few weeks to the countryside or seaside. Now with the political and economic crisis fewer people can afford it and many stay in the Città. Though lunch with friends and family remains important.

Buon Ferragosto a tutti!


  1. Torture me with all this beautiful imagery, both still and motion;-)

  2. One of the many pleasures of my upcoming holiday to Canada is we come at the time of lots of fresh fruits/vegetables. Roadside stands are everywhere. I want to buy as many tomatoes as possible and lob them home to Arizona.

  3. Have you seen the sequel? Almost as charming, especially as the extraordinary mamma is in it again.

    1. Would it be Gianni and the women?