Friday, 12 July 2013

L'été, L'Estate

So with summer comes all the produce of the farm, often just outside the Capital, fruits and vegetables, some called Heritage because they are no longer grown in commercial farms and only Artisan farmers (love the term) cultivate such old varieties. The vegetable markets here are not like in Rome on Via Alessandria but the variety is quite interesting. It is different but nice nonetheless and you get to talk with the sellers, many have been in the business for years.
My neighbourhood market on Via Alessandria, shopped at those very stalls 

Last night rather late got a Tweet from ART IS IN which is a wonderful bakery and a huge success, owned by a young man who loves dough and bread making at 250 City Centre Ave.

His tweet said, as of 11am tomorrow come and get fresh out of the oven your Puglia loaf. Now I know this type of bread which could be bought at Lucarelli on Via Alessandria everyday. So I go to Art Is In and the beautiful loaf of Puglia bread still warm from the oven and that smell of fresh bread, is there any more memory of childhood inducing as fresh hot bread, a real luxurious sensual smell. The loaf is 1 meter long, like a big baby. It is delicious, had some for lunch today, reminds me of our Roman home instantly.
                     Rome, the ancient Via di Porta Latina, with the aquaduct Claudia behind me, one of the many aquaducts crossing this park in Rome.

I then went to the Parkdale street market to get some of the vegetables currently available, not much so far, too early in the season and the weather this year has been a bit cold and rainy. Bought yellow and green zucchini and field tomatoes, bell peppers. We are going to roast it all in a bit of Olive oil I got from Genio at Sanguiccio on Preston street.

Our orchids are doing well, the one we received as a gift at our return to Ottawa 2 years ago from our friend B.J. has now multiple branches.

My brochures for my French lectures series on Wednesday afternoon at the National Gallery of Canada starting this September are in from the printer.  We have to mail 300 of them to members who do not have a computer.
Each lecture is either $5 dollars for adults or $3 dollars for students, a bargain really.

                                        Roccoco clouds very 18th century over Ottawa.
            You can imagine the Gods of antiquity sitting in the clouds. A very baroque sky for Ottawa. 


  1. Hey, nice Kwan Yin in your photo! Enjoy your bread!

  2. I miss real/proper things like cumulus clouds, proper food/vegetables and real flowers. I hope to experience as much as I can when I am there next month.