Sunday, 7 April 2013

Le Printemps est arrivé....

We have had so far or since the 21 March a funny Spring, typical really of Eastern-Central Canada, bright sunny days with a cold wind and temperatures allowing for the snow to melt, slowly, slowly  Spring is here. Flowers like the little daffodils and tulips are starting to sprout, so it might not be warm but it is nonetheless Spring. At any rate soon enough we will complain that it is too warm.

So I thought that this song composed by Ernest Chausson (1855-1899) would help in reminding us that Spring is here. At any rate in one month we are off to Europe, to Dresden, Munich and Salzburg for the Whitsun Music Festival.

Le Colibri sung by Sandrine Piau

Le vert colibri, le roi des collines,
Voyant la rosée et le soleil clair,
Luire dans son nid tissé d'herbes fines,
Comme un frais rayon s'échappe dans l'air.

Il se hâte et vole aux sources voisines,
Où les bambous font le bruit de la mer,
Où l'açoka rouge aux odeurs divines
S'ouvre et porte au coeur un humide éclair.

Vers la fleur dorée, il descend, se pose,
Et boit tant d'amour dans la coupe rose,
Qu'il meurt, ne sachant s'il l'a pu tarir! 

Sur ta lèvre pure, ô ma bien-aimée,
Telle aussi mon âme eut voulu mourir, 
Du premier baiser qui l'a parfumée. 


  1. Beautiful music and the photos and graphics enhance it nicely. Thanks for sharing.

    The European trip sounds wonderful. You must be excited

  2. I miss the delirium of a proper spring. It makes the cost of winter worthwhile.

  3. 'Colibri' - such a beautiful word. Lovely song too.

    I suppose the most apt musical equivalent for what we've all been suffering would be Rimsky-Korsakov's The Snow Maiden, that magical mythical explanation of an unnaturally prolonged winter. Snegurochka must melt with love before the rays of the sun can finally warm us.

    Anyway, we had our first warmish weekend here, and enjoyed the Kent countryside around Canterbury in it. The lilacs should bloom for you in central Europe...

    1. am sure warmer weather on the way.