Monday, 6 August 2012

Some random photos of things I like.

On this beautiful summer evening in August only a few days away from Ferr'Agosto, I can imagine already in Italy people leaving cities to go on vacation. Usually on a nice evening like this we would go to the Baths of Caracalla to see an opera amidst these famous ruins in Rome.

Later we would drive to Pesaro on the Adriatic for the Rossini summer Festival and have dinner at the Bristol on the boardwalk where Lorenzo Grazioli would prepare some incredible fish dish for our pleasure.

So instead here are some pictures I like on this very pleasant evening in Ottawa.

The dining room Les Ambassadeurs of the Hotel Crillon in Paris, the room is in the original 18th century decor with 6 types of coloured marble in a Louis XV style. A beautiful room the chef is Christophe Hache. What a wonderful room in which to have a meal with friends.

Sunflowers at home, such an exuberant flower.

Our Nicky nicely groomed, not something he likes in particular.
little me in my Jager jacket at the Bristol Hotel in Salzburg

At the Quirinale Palace in Rome, the personal guard of the President of the Italian Republic. A Corazzieri (Cuirassier).

For the Olympics a member of the Italian Swim team. Even the sunglasses are stylish.

Well we are returning to Salzburg in May 2013 for the music festival and I do hope we make it back to Pesaro such a lovely town. 


  1. Love the photo of Nicky. So handsome!
    As are you at the Bristol Hotel.
    Thanks for posting these!

  2. I liked our photo the best.

  3. Nicky looks quite nice and you don't look bad in your jager jacket.