Thursday, 26 April 2012

a luncheon

We went last weekend to the Royal Ottawa Golf Club for lunch given by the Aylmer Heritage Association. This is an annual event held in the Spring by the Association, usually about 60 to 70 people attend. Since Aylmer is known for its numerous golf course, we had our lunch at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club (1891) which is the premier golf club in the National Capital Region and an historical site. The Club house is stately, built in Tudor baronial style, with crystal chandelier, oak paneling, massive fireplaces, oil paintings, real silverware, monogramed china and fine linen. A dress code is enforced, gentleman must wear a jacket and jeans and denim clothes or shorts are not allowed. You are always invited by a committee upon recommendation to join the Club, you cannot simply buy a membership. In fact cost of membership is not mentioned anywhere, if you have to ask obviously you do not belong. The Club has its own Crest and Flag bestowed by  Royal decree from the Office of the Chief Herald of Canada at Rideau Hall.
King George V in 1911

The membership is a whose who of Canadian Society, Governor Generals, Prime Ministers, Ministers and Justices of the Supreme Court, Bank Presidents, old wealth, etc....
The Governor General of Canada, the Duke of Connaught

It is called the Royal Ottawa though it is on the other side of the river in Aylmer, Quebec because the club started on 50 acres of land on Gladstone street near the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, only after the city expanded did the club decide to move to more open spaces on the Quebec side. The title Royal was bestowed on the Club by the King Emperor George V who was the nephew of the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, upon his recommendation during his mandate as Governor General of Canada in 1912.  The golf course has 27 holes and is beautifully designed to give any golfer the most out of the game. The course was designed by Tom Bendelow and champion golfer Willie Park Jr., it is beautifully maintained, they even have a formal flower garden.

I had never set foot in this august Club and took the opportunity when I saw that the Aylmer Heritage Association to which we have belonged for many years was meeting there. The food was quite good and the service was as is expected in such a place.


  1. I've driven by a lot but never been invited - don't move in "those" circles. I'm sure it's a place full of lots of history. Thanks for the peek Laurent.


  2. I like that kind of place.
    Oh, Canada! I should be a Canadian! I am obviously wasted here in the States.