Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sushi by Jiro!

When I think of all the Sushi available in supermarkets and in different stores which is nothing short of mass produced cheap sushi, I think of the Sushi I had in Japan, it was so fresh and so tasty, so well prepared, nothing like the bland tasteless stuff masquerading as sushi we have here, I often wonder how fresh any of it really is. This little film shows how from a simple little shop in a Tokyo Subway station a great Sushi chef  Jiro, known as a National Treasure in Japan can produce such excellent fare. A man dedicated to the art of refined cuisine and doing all he can to bring fresh and delicious seafood to his clients. You can only admire someone like that, he believes in what he does and he knows his art, great cuisine. Just looking at him makes me want to go to this little shop in Tokyo.


  1. This confirms my suspicion sushi here is like store bought tomatoes compared to home grown.
    I never eat sushi, but I like the udon soups. I suspect they too are pale comparisions to the real mccoy.

  2. You should read the book, The Story of Sushi, by Trevor Carson. An interesting history.