Friday, 13 January 2012

New Look for the New Year

2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon according to this year's Asian Lunar or Spring Festival which starts on 22 January, a bit early. If one wants good wishes which comes in the form of a Dragon this year, you should pray to the Dragon Emperor  Ao Guang who lives in the East China Sea. Dragons in Asia are good creatures who bring happiness, prosperity, wealth and many good things. They are more serpent like and fly in the sky unlike the European model who has wings and is associated with evil. You will also find Dragons in Japan and in Vietnam, they are symbols associated with the Emperor like in China. The Han Chinese will say that they are the sons of the Great Dragon, the Emperor. The dragon is the mythical beast iconic to many Asian people. Let's hope that this year of the Dragon brings all manner of good things to all people.
Japanese Dragon
Dragon Gods
Chinese Dragon

I also changed the look of my blog page and added a new icon photo and clock. I love the old wall effect with the paintings and the colour scheme as a background. The pocket watch also has that old elegant look.

Will left on Thursday for London for a few days, to visit friends and go to the theatre. He is staying in Kensington and will dine on Friday night at the Garrick Club, lucky bugger. See website It turns out the David Garrick (1717-1779) was of Huguenot French descent ant the family name was De La Garrique. The Club was opened in 1831 it is quite beautiful and in many ways what a gentlemen's club should look like at 15 Garrick street in Covent Garden.

I on the other hand am snow bound, major snow storm in Ottawa, in fact from my window today I thought it looked like I was inside a snow globe so intense was the dancing snow outside. Well for my dinner this evening I had a black squid ink Risotto Venetian Style with freshly chopped vegetables and jumbo shrimps and a little glass or two of one of my favourite scotch, Laphroaig, single malt from Islay, nothing fancy, all simplicity, the other being Talisker.

Puppies are very quiet and asleep now, they went for their walk earlier jumping in the snow, quite covered in the white stuff, they are obviously getting use to it.

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