Sunday, 4 December 2011

a corner has been turned.

A little over 4 months ago we returned from Italy. It was a difficult return, we had become well established in Rome and we had a routine and a life and friends. We became very familiar with the city and what it had to offer. We often also travelled around Italy to several small cities discovering a good restaurant or some are treasure or a good wine. There was always something to see either in Rome, a new exhibit, a cultural event or somewhere else outside the city, just a short train ride away.  Our departure from Rome was not helped by certain individuals who created administrative difficulties which made our move longer than necessary.  We arrived back in Canada and the settling in period started, it was not always easy, meeting with obtuse government officials, a changed city and indifference. It all looked so parochial and limited.
But this week finally a corner is turned, maybe it was that concert at Knox Presbyterian or the Christmas lights all over the city, on public buildings, in city parks or the change in the weather and the firming up of plans for the Holidays. Who knows but it seems we now have a new routine and we are finally settled.

For sure we will always have strong fond memories of Rome and of our lives and friends we left behind.
But for now Ottawa seems to be our new home and that thanks to long time friends here who have been helpful, we have been able to start a new life and look to the future and make plans.
Canadian Parliament Building, Ottawa


  1. I hope this new chapter is your best one yet.

  2. The Parliament Buildings are beautiful. I'm glad you are settling in.

  3. So glad you are feeling at home again.