Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday in Rome with lunch

We got up early this morning and took the puppies for a long walk on the grounds of the Villa Torlonia which was prior to 1943 the residence of Prince Torlonia and for 20 yrs that of Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini. The Palace and all other buildings have been restored to the splendor of the time when the Torlonia family used the grounds as their summer residence outside the walls of Rome. The park is quite large and has hills and ravines and statues and ponds and fountains, numerous trees of all kinds and fake roman temple ruins. The puppies love to run and walk all over and smell the grass. They also met other dogs, all are on leashes, this is a rule in this park. It is important for them to get to see other dogs to socialize them. They will be 9 months old this coming week.

We then went to Piazza Spagna (Spanish Steps) to have lunch at what Frommer's and Fodor's describe as one of the best Enoteca restaurant in Rome. The Antica Enoteca (1860) at Via della Croce 76B belongs to a friend of ours a fellow Canadian who has lived in Rome for many years. See web site

I had smoke salmon with lemon, then a first course of a Crepe stuffed with ricotta and spinach in a creamy tomato sauce. My second was leg of lamb with roasted potatoes, dessert panna cotta. We had a bottle of Taittinger Champagne, tomorrow is a big anniversary for me and Will. Will had an antipasto of cured meats, cheese, olives, red peppers and artichoke, chicory. He only had a second dish of roast chicken, he skipped the first dish of pasta.

Then we walked back along the Corso which runs between Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo, looking at the stores, we stopped at Schostal which is a men's store, near Palazzo Chigi which is the Italian Prime Minister's office. Shostal has been at this location since 1870 and sell only pyjamas, shirts, ties, gloves, handkerchief, sweaters and scarves, all products are 100% cotton,wool, cashmere or silk. All classic wear and beautiful, service is also old fashioned. I bought a shirt and was given an extra pair of cuffs, so I could change the cuffs should the original wear out before the shirt.

We then went to the Ferrari store, they have all the accessories to go with your car, should you own a Ferrari, there is so much that goes with that look. The store is near the Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus on Via Tomaselli. We have a friend who wanted something from the store and so we went to get it for him. They also have a kid section a bit like GAP kids though this is Ferrari kids.

We came home and within minutes the power went off, we were about to go for a walk with the puppies but found out that we could not open the 2 meter high gates of the driveway since they are electric, it is impossible to scale them and the only other gate at the back is locked and I did not have the key to open it. The portiere is off on Sunday's and the administrator is no were to be found. Luckily a neighbor on the ground floor had a key to the back gate and he opened it for us. When we returned from our walk with the puppies the electricity had returned.

Beautiful day today in Rome about 18C and sunny.

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  1. Sounds like an almost (except for being locked in by a black out!) perfect day. And I can only imagine what Ferrari Kids look like!